Pajama Party – Scavenger Hunt!

The DoItIndy crew was a proud sponsor of Historic Indianapolis’(@historicindiana) first event…The Pajama Game Scavenger Hunt!  Over 200 Hoosiers, ranging in age from 21 to sixty something headed out to the Indianapolis City Market (@indycm) for a midnight scavenger hunt…in their jammies!

It was a little hot, it was crowded for a minute, but let me tell you what…we had such a good time!  Tiffany, Historic Indianapolis herself, did a great job creating a scavenger hunt around the Market.  Big Ben (@BenRisinger) emceed the event, which meant he was on the megaphone all night, and I was lucky to snap pictures all night long.  I’m bummed we didn’t get to participate in the hunt, but we were pretty pooped from QUASH earlier in the day (read about all that fun HERE),  so DoItIndy was happy to help. We love cool and eclectic happenings in our city!

Working on scavenger hunt clues.

One of the coolest things about this event was that part of the scavenger hunt took place down in the catacombs.  The public can now go on tours of the catacombs, but how cool to just roam on your own in your jammies, right!?   If you haven’t been down there, go on a tour soon!

The catacombs underneath the City Market!

There was also a contest for best pajamas.  I have to say, there were lots of great entries (um Star Wars jammies…and a light saber!), but I am glad the couple who came dressed in head to toe fleece as a dragon and kangaroo on a 90+ degree day won.  They were troopers.



If you weren’t there, you missed out on a good time!  Keep up with DoItIndy (@doitindy, and Historic Indianapolis (@historicindiana, for more fun events…hope to see you in the future!

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